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POLI 244 Lecture Notes - Collective Action, Ozone Layer, Global Warming

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

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Public Good
Jointness of supply
Non rival
One person's consumption does not reduce the amount available for others
Impossibility of exclusion
A service/product that is available to all, whether they contribute to it or not
Together define public goods
Free riding
People will cheat / take advantage of others
e.g. Recycling
Tragedy of the Commons
Common pool resources
Consumption does reduce for others
Shepherding parable
A green commons to which everyone can bring 2 sheep
But if everyone starts bringing more than 2 sheep, there will be no grass, no more
resources available
Environmental problems
Not insolvable
e.g. Elinor Ostrom
Explaining Cooperation
Two arguments
Epistemic communities
Transnational communities who have common ideas, go back to homeland,
and put ideas into policies
Economic interests
Issues will be solved if economic interests align with them
Issues and Patterns
Ozone layer
Global warming
III Applied
Collective action problems
Short term vs long term
Formal treaties
New norms
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