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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Summary of The Main Psychological Perspectives on Therapy.doc

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McGill University
PSYC 100
Kevin Hamilton

SUMMARY OF THE MAIN PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES ON THERAPY Deterministic Approaches Individualistic (assumes the environment forms your behaviour, the behaviour is learned through past (empowers the experience) individual – assumes free will) Approach Psychoanalytic Trait Behaviour Cognitive Humanistic Phenomenological Proponents Sigmund Freud Gordon B.F. Skinner Rotter, Bandira, Mischel, Carl Rogers/Fritz Allpert/Eysenck Albert Ellis Perls/Abraham Maslow/Rollo May Maximizes A series of Reduction of social and Learned responses depend Actualizes, maintains and interrelated biological needs that energize on a changing enhances the experience of Core of hierarchally arranged behaviour through the emission environment and a person life through the process of Personality traits which of learned responses responds after thinking self actualization characterize day to about the context of the day behaviours of the environment individual Structure of Id, ego, superego Traits Responses Changing Responses Self Personality Stages – oral, anal, Process of learning Process of learning new Process of thinking about Process of cumulative self Development phallic, latency, genital new traits responses new responses actualization Behaviour
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