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Lecture 1

PSYC 211 Lecture 1: PSYC 211 NEURO NOTES

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PSYC 211
Gary Brouhard

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PSYC 211 NEURO NOTES: Behavioural NeuroSci 2 is more intense science, lots of labwork, rats The first midterm is on chapters 16. Consciousness: Its hard to create a robot its impossible to create one that is human. Its hard to do what the brain does. Its remarkable how we do the things we do. We have not yet solved consciousness. We dont know how consciousness is created. We can program computers to have cameras and see when theyre about to bump into something, but they have no awareness. When a driverless car sees green grass, it attaches no meaning to the grass. We dont just have thoughts coming in, we are aware of ourself. Houseplants and rumba dont have consciousness. An ant, a fish, or a dog are higher up the chain though so they do have some kind of subjective experience. The brain evolved to move your muscles. Thats all. Increase chances of survival. The brain is physical and biological. We can poke the brain and change who they are and how they see the world. If something doesnt come to your attention, it is not in your consciousness. We also need working memory (localized in the prefrontal cortex, goes to thalamus and PFC or basal ganglia and PFC). Consciousness: Britt says why do we need to verbalize it? Technically disagrees with the first definition of consciousness Corpus Callosotomy and Brain Hemispheres: Corpus callosotomy: Splitting of the corpus callosum to treat epilepsy. During a corpus callosotomy, brainstem remains intact. Out of the few hundred people that did this surgery, 510 of them were studied for years. Right side of brain controls left side of body, left side of brain controls right side of body Patients seemed normal post surgery, seems like my left hand has a mind of its own, its moving on its own. Left side of brain controls language, verbal hemisphere. Left side can still communicate what it felt but the right side couldnt talk, couldnt communicate what it felt. Right side is not sophisticated with language. Left side of brain holds consciousness, as defined before. Touch right arm: oh you touched me, touch left arm: youre not touching me. Communication happens on the left side of brain, sensation happens on right side of brain.
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