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Lecture 12

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PSYC 212
Remy Allard

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Lecture 12October 13 2011The Visual System Depth Perception and Stereopsis1 Object distance and sizeSize constancythe image of an object on the retina gets smaller as the object gets farther awayVision relies on many cues to judge distance or depthAnd given that distance an estimate of size can be recoveredPerceived sizesize on retina x perceived distanceoSize of retina as function of object distance decreases exponentiallyEmmerts LawoApparent size of an afterimage is directly proportional to the perceived distance of the surface on which you see itoIf you look at things at the same distance they will be the same sizeoIf you look at things at different distances they will adjust from the first image to fit the next imageSize constancy illusions oMullerLyer illusionImplied distance of the inner and outer corners of the object look at it like corners to 2 wallsoPonzo IllusionsThe top line will look longer because of the apparent greater distance
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