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McGill University
PSYC 213
Jelena Ristic

April 3 LectureSocial CognitionJournal articlesImpact factor the number of times average article from a particular journal has been cited Readability index most articles are very difficult to read low index Peer reviewed articles are primary sources Review articles are summary of literature by an author can be argumentativedont present novel data No peer reviewedited book chapters and textbooks Social cognition Adolphs definition processes that subserve behaviour in response to conspecific individuals of the same species and especially those higher level processes that subserve very flexible diverse social behaviours seen in primatesesp humansWhat kinds of processes does social cognition examineClasses of emotion serving communicative functions eg shame guilt etc how do we experience and communicate them Types of signals enabling social communication eg relating to others how do we read other peoples intentions at a low sensory processing levelsTypes of social judgment Understanding mental states of othershow do we come to understand that our mind is different from others Evolutionary perspectiveSuperior social skills were at a premiumDevelopment of mechanisms for social cooperation altruism as well as coercion and manipulation destructive for some beneficiar
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