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Lecture Notes on Self Control & Aggression Oct 17

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PSYC 215
John Lydon

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Last Class: - Goals, self control, temptations vs. long term goals - Suppression-rebound effects - Suppress desires, they will come back stronger once you're allowed to think about them New Lecture - Seinfeld masturbation bet - The ones who are still suppressed tossed and turned in bed - When you suppress, sometimes the desire becomes greater - Attraction can be increased when it is secretive - Game: people of opposite sex are on a team, must communicate - Half play footsie under the table, half don't - Are you attracted more to your parter or to the other person? - Maybe there is increased attraction due to the secrecy of the physical contact - Oppress, obsess and increase attraction Today: Self Control and Aggression Interpersonal Influences on Goal Pursuit Interpersonal Influences on Goal Pursuit - High maintenance interactions - If you have social interactions that require high energy, it can be depleting - The more demanding it is, the less motivation you have to pursue your goals - Inter-racial interactions - Motivation depleted discussing racially sensitive topic with a Black but not white partner - Mimicry - What's it like interacting with someone of the same race/different race, and degree of mimicry - Same-race interaction: mimicry = smooth, easy interaction - If the other person isn't mimicking you, it's more demanding and more depleting - Alternative-race interaction: - You expect them not to mimic you - If they do mimic you, it's unexpected and depleting --> decreased self control Atypical Self Presentation Goals - Be modest to a stranger - Self promoting to a friend - It's when you're trying to do something that doesn't fit the situation that's ego depleting Support & Encouragement of Others - Family and friends support our goals, offer emotional support - Not everyone supports all your goals in the same way - Primed an academic goal - does that prime trigger closeness to the person who supports your academic goal? - If so, you do better academically - Once you achieve the goal, do we feel less close to the person who helped us succeed? Self Control and Aggression - Most robberies are short term and limited benefit - Interpersonal violence typically late at night - Impulsivity and lack of control - I^3 Theory 1. Instigation
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