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PSYC 215
Michael Sullivan

Ironic ProcessesWegner 1994 Sometimes the harder we try to inhibit a thought feeling or behaviour the less likely we are to succeed effort of control is joined by a worry of failure to control observed in a wide range of behavioursAttribution and Protection of the SelfExplaining negative outcomesmy dog kept eating my homeworkmy roommate parties every nightmy alarm clock didnt workI did not have time to studyI was really sick searching for any kind of answer that doesnt make you feel stupidask the question but only interested to some answersanswers where your protect your self esteemInternal vs Externalattributions on top are externalStable vs Unstablethose on top calling yourself stupid is internal and stable saying your sick is internal but unstable meaning you wont be sick for very longstable ones have a negative effect on your self esteemprocessing information to protect the selfSelfProtectionI did well because I am smart internal and stable
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