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social psyc class notes

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PSYC 215
Donald Taylor

Psyc 215Social PsychologyNTCsSet 2Social PsychologyOctober 13 2010Hand in paper in class or W17 Stuart Bio Papers sent through WebCT or email will not be accepted They are worth 35 of grade Pay close attention to the guidelines TAs are not able to meet with us or provide personal feedback in person however questions will be answered on WebCTTips to write a great essayIt is a 5 page essay One pay is one side of a sheet or paper It must be double sidedPrint on both sides of the paper You have to give your essay in new roman size 12 font with 25 centimeter minimum margins Do not overrun the page limit because we will not read extra pages Is it ok if my essay is shorter than five pages You will not have marks taken off but if your essay is not five pages there is probably something you could have explained in a better manner So aim for five pages There will be penalties if you manipulate space regulations If ever you need to give your paper late usually we do not accept them a week after the deadline If ever there is a personal issue like you got sick and are in a comma in the hospital write me an email when you wake u from that commaThis essay is a research proposal Most people who write these want to have funding like grad students Usually a research proposal occurs when you have a great idea about research on a phenomenon that you want to study in more depth It is a question that you want an answer to so you write up a paper with a hypothesis which is the proposed answer to the research question the rationale for getting to a hypothesis and a methods section saying how you would actually try to study that phenomenon and answer that research question For the purpose of the class you will be asked to write a novel research question pertaining to social injustice provide a hypothesis and explain how you would go about testing your idea We suggest you allow three pages for your introduction and two or less for your methods section The references are on a sixth page Introduction1 Discussion of the broad social issueYou first have to discuss the broad social issues you are interested in This must be a social injustice Anything from a group is treated unfairly to in this situation an individual might treat another individual unfairly This research must be directly or indirectly constructed and beneficial to solving your social problem I do not mean that if you choose the IsraelPalestinian conflict I do not suggest you provide an answer to solving the war but rather an answer that would be a part of the solution which might even just be knowing the mechanisms that underline the issue A common errors is that the social statement is left out entirely or you make it too narrow After giving a broad idea of the social issue you need to review in detail the research related to the proposed study When researchers prepare studies they dont get anything out of the blue Usually they are inspired by notions that are already under study Everything that will occur in their work is not new 2 Detailed review of research underlying the proposed studyThis section is about explaining the notions we already know that you will base your analysis on We know basically what stereotypes and attitudes are but you still need to provide the explanations in your proposal just to make it crystal clear You need to
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