PSYC 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Spreading Activation, Kim Kardashian, Fraternities And Sororities

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PSYC 215 – Lecture #7: The Self
· Describe yourself in ten statements
· “Who am I?”
· I am from Vancouver
· I am a piano player
· I am artistic…
We are aware of ourselves
· Other animals don’t spend as much time thinking about ourselves in comparison
· The ability to be self aware in humans is one of the main driving aspects of the human mind
· What self-related thinking seems to influence people’s emotions and behavior?
o Kim Kardashian is good at being famous for being famous
o Angelina Jolie claims to deal with self-esteem issues
o These celebrities build a brand in order to succeed in society
o Value of authenticity – building a personal brand
o Core idea is they think about themselves and who they want to be
Three questions/categories that arise in self theory:
· Self-knowledge: “who am I?”
o How do we construe ourselves
· Self-Evaluation: “How good/bad am I?”
o How are we doing; are we worthy; do we have flaws
· Self-Regulation: Control of behavior
o How do we force ourselves to study for an exam; involve thinking about ourselves
and our behavior, doing something about it
· We can turn our attention from everything else back onto ourselves
· We can reflect on ourselves much like looking in a mirror
· William James analyzed this area
o Pointed that reflecting on ourselves requires two areas
o “I” (subject, agent) is reflecting on “Me” (object of thought)
o These are two separate entities of this experience and will shape each other
o “I” may decide to focus on my own “value of authenticity (me)”
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