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Lecture 5

PSYC 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Subliminal Stimuli, Serdes, Phon

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PSYC 215
Mark Baldwin

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Lecture 5 Automatic Processing
Subliminal Processing
Subliminal: below threshold of conscious awareness
you have no knowledge that you had been shown this
Subliminal stimulus
use high-speed projectors to flash word on a screen repeatedly through the movie -
claimed amazing result
marketing breakthrough!
the researcher later admitted he had lied, and had never done this study!
nonetheless, the idea is interesting, can we be influenced by things that are introduced to us
whiteout our conscious awareness?
70s, super popular notion
90s Subliminal Seduction by Wilson Key
Ad industry is using this technique to manipulate us
the industry is going beyond making things pretty and getting stimuli into our
unconscious mind
e.g. Break out the frosty bottle - sexual arousal - gin - ice cubes - sex
he made students look at the picture and fill out a questionnaire
what’s the problem with that?
no control group to compare with it, university students
no before-after comparison
Much early research into subliminal manipulation in advertising was poorly done or not conclusive
e.g. study of university students reacting to alcohol ad with sex in ice cubes
e.g. CBC TV study with “phone now” displayed
no change in phone usage, but people wrote in but there was still no actual impact
Still it raises interesting questions
To what extent are our social perceptions and even social behaviour directed by processes
involving little or no conscious thought?
Construal; behaviour
Practical applications? Theoretical insights?
Freud - a lot of what we do are influenced by unconsciousness - inside, not outside
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