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Lecture 6

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McGill University
PSYC 305
Heungsun Hwang

PSYC305 Lecture 6 - Jan. 25 One-Way ANOVA: • Purpose: To test whether the means of k (≧ 2) populations significantly differ • • Ho : µ1 = µ2 … = µk • H1 : Not all µ’s are the same (at least one of the means is different) One-Way ANOVA: Steps • ANOVA = Analysis of Variance Divides the variance observed in data into different parts resulting from different sources; • • Assesses the relative magnitude of the different parts of variance; and • Examines whether a particular part of the variance is greater than expectation under the null hy- pothesis • All means are equal One-Way ANOVA: Computations • We can assess the relative magnitude of the two different parts of variance: • This is called the F statistic (or F ratio) • One way ANOVA needs the calculation of the two sample variances V and Vw B • Note, the sample variance is obtained by dividing the Sum of the Squares (SS) of the deviations of values from the mean by its degrees of freedom (df) Partitioning Total Variation (SS): • Total SS (= variation) can be divided into two pa
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