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McGill University
PSYC 331
Ariel Fenster

Bulimia NervosaMs Bs beh is BN Bulimia from a Greek word means ox hunger This disorder involves episodes of rapid consumption of a large amount of food followed by compensatory beh such as vomiting fasting or excessive exercise to prevent weight gainThe DSM defines a binge as eating an excessive amount of food within less than two hours BN is not diagnosed if the binging and purging occur only in the context of AN and its extreme weight loss the diagnosis in such as case is AN binge eating purging subtypeBinges typically occur in secret may be triggered by stress and the negative emotions it arouses and continue until the person is uncomfortably fullStressorsthat involve negative social interactions may be particularly potent elicitors of binges Bulimics have high levels of interpersonal sensitivity as reflected in large increases in selfcriticism following negative social interactions Further binge episodes tend to be preceded by poorer than average social experiences self concepts and moodsAlso reported that the binge episodes are followed by deterioration in self concept mood state and social perceptionThe person who is engaged in a binge often feels a loss of control over the amount of food being consumed Foods that can be rapidly consumed esp sweets such as ice cream or cake are usually part of a binge Although research suggests that patients with BN sometimes ingest an enormous quantity of food during a binge Binges are not always as large as the DSM implies and there may be wide variation in the caloric content consumed by individuals with BN during binges Patients are usually ashamed of their binges and try to conceal them They report that they lose control during a binge even to the point of experiencing something akin to a dissociative state perhaps losing awareness of what they are doing of feeling that it is not really they who are binging nd After the binge is over disgust feelings of discomfort and fear of weight gain lead to the 2s
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