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Lecture 2

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PSYC 331
Donald Taylor

LECTURE 2 THE CRISIS IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY th January 9 , 2013 SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS 1. What might cause groups to conflict with one another?  What course does it take?  How do you resolve intergroup conflict? 2. How come there are so few intergroup conflicts?  Most theories does not deal with the big questions but rather with the small details THE CRISIS IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY  Crisis in method o Social psychology has wanted to become part of science and therefore has developed a highly laboratory based method of research o The problem is that that most findings in social psychology these days are laboratory- based research done on undergraduate students, who are far from being representative of the population o There is a crisis for validity  There is a need for more research in the field, in the real world  It is not yet been heard because you will be highly criticized if you want to publish about field work research  The publisher would most likely complained about the fact that they have not controlled for this and this, which is impossible to do in a field research setting  Crisis in theory o We do not have any big theory but a bunch of mini theories o There is a lack of theory about groups in psycho
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