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Lecture 11

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McGill University
PSYC 331
Donald Taylor

LECTURE 11 RELATIVE DEPRIVATION THEORY th February 11 , 2013 CROSBY’S PRECONDITIONS FOR RELATIVE DEPRIVATION  See that someone possesses X  Want X  Feel entitled to X o It reminds us of equity theory o If I don’t feel I deserve that, I will not feel that I need it  Feel that it is feasible to attain X o If you feel that it is feasible, you feel frustrated not to attain it o It is when I see that it is not feasible that I get very upset  Not feel personally responsible for lack of X o If you do not meet the criteria for ALL of them, you will not feel deprivation  She suggested that there are specific set of conditions that need to be lay out for an individual to feel relatively deprived
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