PSYC 332 Lecture Notes - Pollination Syndrome, Projective Test, Unrequited Love

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Second level of personality, not as organized as level 1 (characteristic. Besides the big 5 they are also talking about things that are impt aspects of personality, how they see themselves now and what their hoping to do in the future. Being a dancer a ideal she has but not sure if that"s who she is and if she can do that. Social-cognitive approach we have multiple self-representations, some of them might not match up so well. What is it that you know about him or her that you don"t know about other people. It is likely that you know a person well by knowing what the person"s life is like, what it has been like in the past, and what it may be like in the future. Key point: besides consistencies in behaviour you want to know about persons life, motivation, how they view themselves.