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Lecture 11

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PSYC 332
Richard Koestner

Lecture 11 20130212 Questions of the day1 How has evolution influenced the mating preferences and behavior of human males and females 2 Is there evidence that differences in mating preferences of men and women are universalThe evolution of human intrasexual competition Tactics of Mate attraction David Buss 1988Intrasexual selection competition between members of the same sex for mating access to members of the opposite sex Characteristics selected could be those that enable winning in direct combat such as size and strength or noncombat traits such as producing successful mateattracting signals or acquiring resources desired by the opposite sexSome traits of male have are very attractive to females but no help in survival might put you at risk but such an advantage for mating that is still been selective Images and realityThe essence of competition is not direct confrontation It consists instead of behavior designed to acquire limited or better resources at the expense of others who are attempting to acquire those resources Competitors need not ever meet engage in intrasexual competition The 4 components of intrasexual competition for humansSkill at locating matesProducing effective mateattractive behaviors Acquiring resources desired by the opposite sexAltering morphology or appearance How might males and females differ in forms of intrasexual competitionTrivers 1972 Relative parental investment hypothesisMales should adopt a reproductive strategy that maximizes copulatory opportunities whereas females should adopt a strategy that imposes maximum choice holding back until the best male variously defined is identified Poor mating choices typically are more costly to females than to males in the currency of reproductive success What men must offerThe ability and willingness of a man to provide social psychological and material resources are hypothesized to compose a crucial part of female mate selection criteriaPrediction 1 Competition among men to attract women will center on acquiring and displaying such resources wealth potential
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