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PSYC 333
Jennifer Bartz

PSYC333 Lecture 1 - Jan. 10 Personality Psychology: • Understanding basic human nature •i.e., Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - basic needs such as eating, warmth, etc. being at the bottom of hierarchy and those of achievement, love, etc. being at the top of the hierarchy • Understanding the individual differences •The big five ‘personality’ traits: • Openness • Consciousness • Agreeableness • Extraversion • Neuroticism •Traits should predict behaviour across situations and over time • Example: Sally is high in consciousness, we know she should be a good and reliable friend and studies hard for her exams Experimental Social Psychology (1940-1980): • The Power of the Situation (to override individual differences) •Asch’s ‘Conformity Research’ •Zimbardo’s ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ •Darley & Latané’s ‘Bystander Intervention’ • Powerful situations can override these individual differences; for example, helping behaviour, authoritarian/abusive behaviour Person X Situation: • Kurt Lewin was father of social psychology • Kurt Lewin: (B)ehaviour = (f)unction [(P)erson/(E)nvironment] • Importance of person was known particularly the importance of a person’s subjec- tive understanding of the environment can influence the behaviour • Change in cognitive science changed the understanding and shifted the view off the person • Ethical issues about creating (powerful) situations • “Crisis” in Personality Psychology - 1960s number of studies showed that traits pro- duced low or non-existence correlation with behaviour • How people construe the social situation and how people perceive social situation can differ and to predict behaviour, we need a better understanding of it • Understanding person situ
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