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McGill University
PSYC 471
Richard Koestner

Nov. 20 FINAL EXAM: - 100 MC - readings from 1st half of course: WILL NOT BE COVERED - lectures from 1st half of course: WILL BE COVERED Cultural Internalization - how do you measure the way in which cultures have been internalized? - how do immigrants and children of immigrants internalize and integrate their diverse cultures? - are all cultural guidelines equally easy to internalize? - “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” - sometimes weʼre embarrassed by our parents and their traditions, but at same time we get message that we need to hold onto our culture - teenage years: parents struggle w/ whether kids are internalizing their host culture - common mistake: help thru client work thru ambivalence - what many of us will do is try to help person work thru ambivalence by assimilating and joining larger mainstream culture - but in article “The Best of Both Worlds”, psychologists say this is a mistake: heritage culture ID is integral to children of immigrants - not the best thing to get young ppl to push that ID aside - even at a young age, Koestner had an idea of what his parents were looking for Cultural internalization: process by which cultural beliefs and practices are adopted by the individual and then enacted in the absence of immediate external contingencies or constraints - goal of internalizing = it comes from inside and you guide own behaviour w/ what youʼve internalized - generally, kids are active part of process - parents help guide: - identification and integration - fully assimilated internalization - introjection - half accepting it; only doing it bc you have to - associated w/ neg. emotional experiences and cognitions - if youʼre able to fully internalize, then when youʼre engaging in cultural activities, you feel happy, engaged, donʼt feel alienated - when parents are controlling about doing the cultural activities, then youʼre more likely to introject them - if parents support your autonomy and give you change to digest the cultural practices, then youʼre more likely to fully internalize - in Canada, youʼre encouraged to hold onto your culture - in US, emphasis was on immigrants becoming like Americans Downie et al. 2004 - measured degree to which immigrants fully internalize their host and heritage cultures will importantly relate to their adjustment - internalizing heritage culture = positive - “How much do you pursue specific cultural traditions, practices and values for the following reasons? - external: “my parents and relatives want me to” - introjected: “I would feel ashamed, guilty, or anxious if I did not” - identified: “I really believe it is imp to do - I endorse it freely” - asked qs about the heritage culture, then about the host culture - adjustment measures: - pos and neg affect experienced in heritage and host cultural contexts - assessed global well-being - RESULTS: - the way you internalized the heritage culture predicted how you felt while doing things w/ ppl in heritage culture - similarly, how you internalized host culture predicted how you felt when NOT w/ heritage culture - if youʼre bicultural, some heritage cultural beliefs could be in contrast to mainstream culture - Downie interested if ppl can bring heritage and host cultures into harmony --> found to be strongly related to global well-being Why are some immigrants better able to internalize and integrate their multiple cultures? - hypothesis: parental autonomy support around cultural issues will promote autonomous internalization Measuring parental autonomy support re culture - measured how you perceived your parents supporting you around cultural activities - “My mother, whenever possible, allows me to choose how I will participate in my heritage culture” --> autonomous - “My father insists upon my doing things like
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