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PSYC 473
Mark Baldwin

Social cognitive topic: accessibility ->activation: the moment a representation of something becomes meaningful -mind tends to “go down the same path” ->creating activation out of accessibility? ACTIVATION: ->availability: is the construct in memory? ->applicability: feature overlap of stimuli (including salience effects) ->accessibility: action potential; activation potential of stored knowledge , once it becomes activated it alters our expectations – whether it gets activated relies upon: i.) chronic accessibility: is it generally accessible, does it fit with the construct being used to navigate daily life? ->study: write characteristics of someone you like, someone you don’t like, someone you encounter often ->assess “dimensions” subject used to describe these people – any trait that was mentioned a lot was thought to be a chronic trait dimension ->given stories to read about -more likely to be influenced by the chronically accessible trait dimensions (in story interpretations?) ->study #2: assessed chronic accessibility: through descriptions of others (again) ->stroop task; with trait words ->traits I colors (had to state the colors of the ink and not read the words) ->measure how long it took to state the color of ink on each trial ->on words that were prev
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