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Lecture 7

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Religious Studies
RELG 203
Sean Ross

Lecture 7 Jacob: -dynamic -trickster -clever, deceptive -earns two wives -takes all land (canaan) to himself -sad, tragic figure -struggles with esau, laban, and heavenly powers -struggle over affections -younger is preferred over the older (Esau)…antagonism -chosen son -symbol of exile Children of Lot and his daughters, etiology continues with Jacob and Esau Esau is the father of the edomites -participated in their overthrow -Haman (arch-villain) is a descendant of Esau Rome is associated with Esau -when the romans destroy the temple of Jerusalem Jacob beats Esau -christian’s associate themselves with Jacob, and jews with Esau -Jews first born, rejected, Christians born later get the reward (harassed by jews, “chased by Esau”) **Both groups do the same thing, in opposite directions. Both groups make the association between the story of Esau and Jacob in their own present reality. ** Moses is the great prophet of the Hebrew bible -in spite of his message, sometimes in Christian interpretation he is viewed negatively because of his firm associations with Jews Reversal of Exile -Jacob is exiled from Babylon -Jews are exiled from Jerusalem Chagall compares Jacob to a jewish immigrant Deposition: taking jesus down from the cross via jacob’s ladder up to heaven Cross is a spiritual ladder Sarah -barren -critical to social location -Isaac is miracle child -Rachel and Rebecca struggle with barrenness as well\ Annunciation of pregnancy -to s
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