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McGill University
Religious Studies
RELG 204
Ellen B.Aitken

What is Christianity How do we think about this questionEssence Descriptive approachThematicsPersistent issues and questionsDynamic tensionsCultural Embeddedness History mattersInternally Diverse recognizable KinshipChristianity is internally diverse similar to Judaism st1 century christianity was a community experiment in following the life of Jesus A question to consider in Christianity is how we live with such great differences What are the signs of kinship How does Christianity arise stst1 century BCE to 1 century CEEastern Mediterranean worldJudea Galilee SyriaHellenistic KingdomsRoman presence and influence ClientVassal kingdomsHerod the Great 38BCE4BCESons of Herod EthnarchsJudea Archelaos 4 BCE to 6 CEGalilee Herod Antipas 38 BCE to 39 CERoman Prefects and procurators Pontus Pilate 2636 CEFall of Jerusalem 70 CEThe event of JesusJesus was born some place around 4 BCE it is a defining moment he would live to around 3033 CEat which time he was put to death as a criminal by the Roman Government The first followers of Jesus were people who lived in the eastern mediterranean where he spent most of his life This is a region which is fought over by hellenistic kings by roman legions it is sometimes independent sometimes a part of the roman empire It is a geopolitical hot spot and strategically important to Roman access to resources in the east The romans were very anxious about this region and were weary of any teachings being done First Jewish War and fall of the Temple in 70 CE is a cataclysmic event for christianity as most texts are responding to this event in one way or another Heavy influence of roman government and just before the time of Jesus Herod the Great is ruling over the region After his death in 4 BCE his sons divide the territory and there is a lot of unrest in the region Pontus pilate is responsible for putting Jesus to death at the hands of the romans Judaism prerabbinic VariedPharisees Sadducees Essenes most likely responsible for the dead sea scrollsDiaspora Judaism spread of judaism into north africa italy these forms of Judaism are in interaction with the local cultures either greek or roman culture Role of Jerusalem and its temple
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