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Sept 26 - Continuation of Paradigmatic Mythic Figures (pativratas).doc

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Religious Studies
RELG 356
Davesh Soneji

Sept 26Continuation of Paradigmatic Mythic Figures pativratas3Kannaki heroine of Tamil epic Cilappatikaram c 600700 CEattributed to Lankovatikal KovalanKannaki get married young age and move to urban city to set up lifeMatavi famous courtesan lives thereKK invited to performance and Kovalan enchanted by Matavi Kova approaches mother of Mat and negotiates price to have her as concubineMatavi begins to sing song about lover and how she misses past lover and Kov takes personally and accuses her of infidelity and hurts Mat Kov goes back to Kann to start overmove to Madurai through help of Kanns anklet filled with rubies Kov goes to market to sell anklet Kov gets fooled at pawnshop and gets set up Kov arrested and brought into Kings palacesentenced to death dies Kings ceremonial staff to represent karma falls over king dies karmic deathKannaki plucks off own breast and curses Maduraikarpu chastity modesty and propriety is the reason for Kannakis power and abilities Pattini process through which Kannaki is apotheosized4Yama the god of deathStory of pativrata SavitriSatyavan savitris husband fated to die at very young ageafter one year of marriage Saty dies Yama comes and takes out his atman to keep soulYama and Savi make a deal and Savi tricks him by saying she wants to be mother of son so Yama grants her Satys life back because of her chastity intelligence and devotion
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