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McGill University
Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 234
Dr.Sarah Brauner- Otto

What is demography?  The mathematical knowledge of populations, their general movements, and their physical, civil, intellectual and moral state  The scientific study of human populations - populations at any level (global, population of countries, apartment building, family etc.)  States (populations) o Size - how big o Structure - age, sex o Characteristics - education, race, ethnicity, relationship status  Change o Growth/decline o Processes: mortality, fertility, migration - why are they growing or shrinking?  Two different types of demography o Formal demography - interested in the what of demography  Counting people: size, rates, etc  Historical legacy  Mathematical focus o Social demography/population studies - interested in why is that the state of things  Relationships - why is fertility going up in some places and down in other  Causes and consequences of demographics  Theoretical and quantitative relationships  Population equation/balancing equation o Mathematical combination of core elements of demography  P2 = P1 +B -D +I -O  P1 = population at time 1  P2 = Population at time 2  B = births  D = deaths  I = In migration between time 1 and time 2  O = out migration between
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