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Sociology (Arts)
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SOCI 307
Zygmunt Mochnacki

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General Informationreadings on MC site Polanyi next Wednesdayno conferences and no lectures on October 31st and November 21st but save the 1121 dateoffice hours LEA 820 12PM to 2PM on Tuesdays By appointment on Skypeparticipation accessibility and learning styles Thanks to GlobalizationThomas L Friedman The World is FlatIndian Silicon Valley in Bangalore social mobility access to better lifestylecheap labour and production for garmentsloss of factory jobs in USpoor countries lifting tens of millions out of poverty spread of religionimporting meat from Brazil and fish from Thailandcan no longer commit murder under cover of silence Globalization as a Discursive Black Boxin science and engineering a black box is a device system or object which can be viewed in terms of its input output and transfer characteristics without any knowledge of its internal works Its implementation is opaque blackie a light switchinput is pushing the buttonoutput is the light that goes ondont think any further of it in social sciences we can apply a similar logic when looking at the use and function of concepts and other discursive devices common use of globalization whether positive negative or neutral often black boxes the term within a set of veiled assumptions beliefs and valuesthe specific mechanisms relationships and processes that produce apparent outcomes hidden from viewsocial scientific perspective unpacking and decomposing the black box break down the vagueness and simplicities the black box clouds our understanding Unpacking Globalization via Social Sciencethe tools of good social scienceclearly expressed definitionsconcepts distinguished from measures systematic use of evidenceidentifying mechanisms that shape relationshipsbuilding generalization theory by linking abstract process to concrete outcomesacknowledging limitations to the claims we are making counterexplanationsevidence GlobalizationA process or set of processes that embodies a transformation in the spatial organization of social relations and transactionsgenerating transcontinental or interregional flows of act
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