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Lecture 2- Globalization as a Historical Project + as an Empirical Question.pdf

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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 307
Zygmunt Mochnacki

The Development Projectpostwar projectoutcome of the first decades of the 20thCthe two world warsintellectual elites focus nationstateBretton Woods systemIMFWorld Bank Keynesian policies of economic developmenteco stabilitystabilizing exchange ratesallowing states to intervene in economies when needed Fordismembedded liberalismuniversal projectunrealized to some degree what we see is the result of unintentional policy paradigm lasts into the 1970sshift rise of neoliberalismstrictly focused on issues of inflation and eco efficiencythe market disciplining state policieshostile to the Keynesian ideal of state intervention because aftermath of early 1970s recessiondismantling of the intl eco system rooted in US gold cult of efficiency and market disciplinedevelopment redefined as participation in world market role of diff elites and transnational industry ie Chicago School and transnational capital interest beginning to contextualize globalization in time and as a pol phenomenonGlobalization as a SocioPolitical Process globalization isnot inevitablenot on a pathway to global govt and global market a unitary worldnot linearintegration does not just lead one wayperiods of time with rise of capital mobility and integration then capital suddenly stops and globalization project halted or reversed unevendoes not take shape in the same way everywhereconcentrated in particular pockets what neoliberal globalization has meant to the US wont mean the same to SAm or the Philippines globalization is shaped by power relationsstate powerhow much power states have in choosing the types of dev paths and policies how much autonomy relative to each other and other actors firm powerability of particular firms to pick up and move stakes from country to country labour powerunions workers and their capacity to resist or change models of globalization class power diff between people and how much they can take advantage of the eco system relative to other groupsGlobalization as a Spatial Processdeterritorializationdisembeddednessweakening of local context to determine things like wage relations and the likemore universalizing tendencieswage relations laws citizenship policies governanceplace mattersspatial reordering of power and organization production chains reordered around the world shipping jobs overseascreates distinct relations of poweremergence of global citiessociologist Sassen argues that globalization is largely concentrated in major financial centres NY London Tokyo et
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