SOCI 326 Lecture Notes - Disembowelment, Altruistic Suicide, List Of Dune Fremen

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Published on 5 Feb 2013
1.2 million aboriginal people
26% live in reserves
Male income for reserve Indians $30, 045
o Non reserves $41, 984
Women reserves: $28, 000
o Non-reserve $33 000
Off reserve, higher education achievement; lower unemployment
Australia, Canada, United States
Altruistic Suicide (altruistic means love)
Found in traditional society
Little crime, little deviance
Good at social control
Not much individualism, people fit in
o High social solidarity
Tremendous sense of guilt, honor, shame when deviance commit
o Rejection
Found in modern day society
Can be found in modern countries like Japan
o Japan:
One of the wealthiest
Still highly traditional
Altruistic Suicide
Valor is officer who runs, is a coward, leads to enemy
o Good candidate for Altruistic suicide
Willingness to sacrifice for the group (heroic)
o WW2 heat dog fight plane, had no armour called the zero
Failure to live up to expectations of the group
o Student suicide is the highest in the world
Being in the military has high social solidarity
Harah Kyry form of suicide in Japan people commit when falling outside the group
Ritualistic suicide done in a certain way disembowel stomach, everything falls out
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