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Lecture 9

SWRK 220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Queer Theory, Gingerbread, Transphobia

Social Work
Course Code
SWRK 220
Nicole Ives

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Guest Speaker - Ed
wrote chapter
completing masters degree
Sexual and gender Identity Terms
othere are ppl who are not trans. - those whose gender identity was aligned
at birth- make it explicit
sexual minority
oumbrella term to include those other terms
oidentify spectrum of gender identity
Queer and trans
osexual and gender identity
oQueer theory and trans theory - a critique of heteronormative and
cisnormative society. critiquing dominant norms of society of queer and
ousing term queering or transing
odif way people identify with these terms
oqueer is political
oqueer historically
used to target lgbt (not heterosexual or cisexual) as a form of
queer ppl - dont want ppl to use this term against us
using the term for their own purposes
intersex- understood in biological and theoretical and political (gingerbread
Sexuality and gender how is it constructed
tension between biological v.s socially constructed
using term gender vs sex
allowing ppl to self identify
Global context
Uganda clip
what is the message of the video?
oin uganda
socially constructed
colonization and homophobia
oclips show a relationship with US and Uganda officials
not only religious leaders but also political leaders
homo is not a cultural phenomenon, rather homophobia is a global
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