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March 26, 2013 Food-there is an eating context matched with social meaning What Food Has Meaning to You? Comfort Foods Food Aversions  Stuffed hotdogs  Raisins  Chocolate  Lobsters-don’t look good dead  Grilled cheese  Fish or scallops  Toast and butter (not margarine)  Nothing off the bone  Kraft dinner with hot dogs  Mushrooms  Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy  Bananas  Homemade cheese bread  Yogurt  Grandma’s stuffed peppers  Sushi  Pink Sauce-ketchup and mayo  White milk Pattern of aversion often have to do with meats. Food Classification Systems  Edible-inedible  Hot cold  Male-female  Wet-dry e.g. Hot and Cold Classification of Foods in Puerto Rico (Cold-cool-hot) Hot and Cold Classification of Foods  Common in Latin America and Asia  Originally from Greek theory of health (4 humours)  Health-balance of opposing elements  Basic idea in Greek, Indian, Chinese and Arabic medical systems Food preferences-likes/dislikes Food restrictions-periodic denial of certain foods (e.g. pregnant women, menstruation, initiation) Food taboos-deliberate avoidance e.g. pork in Jewish religion Food Taboos are defined as: “the deliberate avoidance of a foo
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