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Karen Mc Garry

October 11 – Lecture 1 11/19/2013 8:30:00 AM Resisting Power and Equality The Ghost Dance – Example of a Revitalization movement  Revitalization Movement – form of resistence to dominant forms of power and authority like colonialism o Involve a return to “traditional” aspects of culture Hawaiian Renaissance  Rejection of tourism and various aspects of “western” culture and capitalism  Revival of Polynesian language How is power and status UPHELD in some societies  Archeologists can study power by.. o Economic power – access to resources; control over trade routes o Social/idealogical power – control over religion or cultural symbols o Political power – ability to have authority by military and administrative means Lord Of Sican  13 tombs in total; undisturbed  lords tomb included grave goods and offering to various gods  labour intensive items – shawl with 2000 pieces of gold foil sewn onto it Burials of High Status Individuals  in deep graves with an abundance of offerings  buried in a seated position  lots of exotic goods  larger quantities of grave goods  buried with important spiritual iconography October 15 – Lecture 2 11/19/2013 8:30:00 AM Language and Inequality Theories of relationship between language and culture  Language affects how we think about the world; linguistic determinism  Movement toward “politically correct” speech and “gender neutral” speech o Women became womyn o The idea that if we change how we talk, we can change how we think, thereby reducing gender inequalities, racism  Cultural constructionism/ social linguistics o The idea that peoples cultural context/environment shapes their language and its meaning Gender and Language  In North American society, women tend to.. o Use more descriptors o Be more polite o Use more tag questions o Have a rising intonation at the end of sentences Race, Inequality and Language  African American English/Ebonics o Ebonics means “black speech”  Viewed as “incorrect” of English Language and Prestige  Prestige refers to the level of respect afforded to some speakers within a culture William Labovs study  People use of language involved both OVERT and COVERT prestige  Overt prestige – when people intentionally use language or alter their accent to fit in the socially dominant group  Covert prestige – when people intentionally use language or alter their accent to fit in with a group of people October 22 – Lecture 3 11/19/2013 8:30:00 AM The Anthropology of religion  Religion o Meaning to people o Form of social community o Personal identity o Universal o Studied by anthropologists  Why believe  Historical traditions Anthropologists who study religion are interested in..  How and why do people believe what they do  How do religions form and change over time?  What forces affect religion  Culture is not static; dynamic  Forces: globalizaition, rise of internet or easy to hop on a plane  Anthropologists try to understand why people believe the things they do Religion  Beliefs an behaviour related to supernatural
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