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Christine Cluney

Anthropology 2PC3 lecture 18March 31 2014MaritimeArchaeologyandPiratesUnderwater ArchaeologyUnderwater marine maritime or nautical archaeology is simply archaeology done under the water Shipwrecks are the most common type of site studied but harbor and dock remains fishing structures and flooded land sites also studied Largely associated with lootingTook a while for archaeologist to be comfortable with working with and using methods used by lootersThe Titanic73 years after it sank on September 1 1986 the Argo a deep sea vehicle with video cameras and a sonar was towed by the WHOI Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionWas the largest luxury liner on th open sea2240 passengersthSank April 15 1912 in the North AtlanticIn 20120 newer robotic vehicles created the first comprehensive map of the site led by David Gallo of WHOIRest in international waters so open to anyone who had the technical expertise to reach it1987 American company Titanic Ventures Limited Partnership began diving with French deep sea agency IREMERBetween 1987 and 2004 they raised 5000 artifacts for display The public was split whether disturbing the ship was ethical Archaeological methods have given insight as to how the ship broke apart and fell and how the bow plowed into the mud at an angleoFunded by James Cameron to use in the movie
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