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Emily Cowall

ANTHRO 2U03 – Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – Dr. Emily Cowall What is an epidemic?  Epidemic: Idea derived from western medicine o You need a sense of what is usual/normal because the illness occurs more than usual o Can be an old disease being more common ie,. tuberlocis o Or a new disease that affects many people in a short period of time ie. SARS  Pandemic o SARS also a pandemic o Difference is the scale; an epidemic that occurs over a large area o Not a new phenemenon and can comes in sequences and series, a long scale of time to make sense of it all o H1N1 is a pandemic  Endemic: something that is always in a place o Ie. Influenza in Canada, it's always here o If conditions are right, can be accelerated into an epidemic o Measles epidemic peaks, depends on the children ie. More children born after war vs. not many children  If there is epidemic today, it means the government isn't doing well to prevent it and citizens not good citizens of the world  Language can be manipulated What is a plague?  "a" plague (generalised) vs. "the" plague (a specific disease) Pathognomonic  Smallpox, easy to see that they have smallpox Global Effects  More devastating in rural areas than in cities Why was smallpox eradicable?  Specific to humans -> some diseases come from pigs/birds, you cannot eradicate all the pigs or birds  Highly effect vaccination  Everyone around the person with smallpox is vaccinated o Does this containment, to ensure everyone is vaccinated o People are put in quarantine until they're healthy again Marginalization  Fear  Misunderstan
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