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Collapse Tradition and Transformation
Collapse Tradition and Transformation

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McMaster University
Laura Finsten

Collapse Tradition and Transformation Concepts of CausalityDifferent levels of causalityLocal and regional causes posited and at times form basis for generalizationBut external factorsevents have effect only in a region not entire Maya areaIgnore panlowland problems andor processesroot causes o Problems that affected the entire lowlandsFound in structure of society or political systemMost likely that the different changes in different parts of the lowlands result from varied local responses to common challengesDifferent local responses to unique local challenges Varying definitions of collapse or declineThere were many Maya kingdoms after the Terminal Classic and Maya culture continues long after the Spanish conquestTherefore collapse does not mean the end of Maya cultureEnd of the Classic period was not a uniform total collapse of the states o EX No collapse in the highlands of GuatemalaWhat collapses declined transformed was the political system centred on divine kingsLed to disappearance of associated funerary cults stelae altars tombtemples distribution of finest ceramics and other exotic high status materials th System disappeared by the 10 CIn some areas of southern lowlands major cities were also depopulated public architecture was drastically reducedTrue collapse in western Petenfell apart more quickly than anywhere else in the lowlandsIn other regions change was more gradualIn some regions it involved florescence population growth transformation to new political orderB
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