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Lecture 3

ANTHROP 3HE3 Lecture 3: Anth 3HE3 Lecture 3 (January 19 2017)

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McMaster University
Kee Yong

Lecture/ Week 3 January 19/16 Machu Picchu Meisch, 1985. MP is a complex -7 majour and 10 smaler ones High altitude, extensive road system Hiram Bingham "disoovered MP in 1911 Not an Inca word but a Quadhua (American Indian people of Penu) name Tourist industry ruined attacts over 30 yearssme industrializatonoommercialization of MP Environmental factors higher lablitratourist dies Will not stop tourism because the govemment depends on income from the tourist industry Offcially became a Word Heritage Sitel 7th Wonder of the World 1960-volunteers cieaned up the trash 1982- Alfredo Femeyros owner of Explorandes was appointed as advisor tothe Spedal Prged nor Tourism reserves Restricting tourism is not an option First step modifying the behaviour of tourism and hikers Tourism high economic growh for the county and the ste "Natonu Pwks and Heritage Shes construction is not alowed Anthropocene lanthro-fot-cene)-Donna Hairway Recognition of who maintains the sites behind the soenes Turning everything into an attraction Collecting a "Lost City for Science Haaquero Visionand the Yale Peruvian Expeditions Machu Picchu Hall, 2012. Bingham was no anchaeologst but a historian No actualanchaeology present on the Mtedring excavation Dinerences, any, between prave robbing Science had a sovereign claim How the Yale expedtion's practioes and technologes heped mythologes MP into a lost city "Scientific discovery "scientific knowledge Inspired by Kipling's The Explorer Science as a discourse, as technology In the name of Soenoeitrenders legitimacy However, it involves localscholars and then labour of gave robbers How was accepted as a scientic discovery by the scientfclanthropological community there were no archeologists present-they knew better Historian in charge, not an archaeologist From Yale Hal says excavation was done in such a horrible fashion Documentary watched-Lost Cly in the 5ky
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