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Lecture 1

BIOLOGY 1A03 Lecture 1: Theme 1 Applied Lectures

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Rosa Da Silva

Theme 1 Applied Lectures Lecture 1: Energy Reserves Camels: Live in a Harsh Environments Myth or Fact: Are their humps full of water? o No, its a giant mound of fat o Can weigh up to 80 lb o Allows the animal to survive for up to 2 weeks with limited food Physiological adaptations: Fat has a lot of potential energy o We can break down the fats and generate CO2 and water o Allows the camel to undergo long periods without drinking Adaptations: camels can endure long periods without water o They have extreme tolerance to water loss o Minimize water loss (ie. condensation of water in the nostrils) o Produce dry feces Geese: Energy for Migration Large migration patterns are metabolically demanding tasks Prep for flight: constantly eating, up to 12 hours a day o Stock piling fat reserves Birds can lose up to half their body weight during migration o Mostly fat is lost Researchers look at the sugar and lipid levels in the blood when studying migration Bar Headed Geese: can scale over the top of mount
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