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← Aquatic habits and terrestrial biomes ← How organisms interact with their environment ← Effects of exoict and native speices (with little human help?) Population ecology • Estimating population size ← Population Growth LAST MATERIAL TO BE ON QUIZ 2 Ecology = dramatic way, bio diversity is spread all over the planet, b/c various biomes are shinking b/c of human civy at different rates 1)General Ecology 2)Population ecology th TEST #2 7:00PM MARCH 20 30 MC & WA 2/3 DQ and 1/3 DE Understand the conceptual information and apply what you’ve learned! Ecology: Eco = House or abode ology= the study of the study of our enviorment anf how our organisms interact with it the environment can be dieved into: Abitoic non living attibues Biotic living attirbutes and conspecifics – the presense of other human being dense city vs. rural habitat Biotoic – stucutre and indivuails that compete with us (pred, prey ect) Canada’s most biodiveres habitiats Wetlands! Were losing our wet lands at a rapid pace. (a) Bogs are standnat and acidic – moss growns over stagnant areas non nutienant rich enviorments qwacking bogs – like a floating carpet • Unproducitive habitiat – interesting plants – quaking bogs – wainfleet bog a couple insectivious plants – a plant cover in hair in sap and when they land they get stuck and slowly holds the insect in tis left till it dies – sun dews, picher plants (like a cylinder – water in the bottle and hair like sturtuces that traps you) ← (b) Marshes are very productive with vegetation – cat tails (coots paradise) no trees ← (c) swamps have trees and shrubs and are flooded. ← ← Productive marine envirment: estuaries – where fresh and slat water meet ← some species will move around in this habits and can control asmatic balance ← Terestial Biomes ← scattered all over the world, lay out of the world and how there spread out – altitiual pattern ← ← Trestial Bio –types ← Tropical Wet forest • All kinds of plants • Very rich very diverse with species • Not easy to capture the idea of biomes easier to understand by their climatic conditions • Low variation in temp in tropoical location • particitate high – but a seasonality to it – high variation ← Subtropical desert – Arizona • Saguaro cacti – in dry and not always hot • tempture dose change and low annual rain fall vartion is low ← Temperate Glasslands –midwest • Butterfly yokeweed • Moderate avge temp vation moderate (high) • annual rain fall is low and variotn is moderate • have succifanct rain fall but don’t suppor trees ← Temperate forest • number of trees and different speicies • moderate vatition in temp • pariticpate is moderate variation is low ← Boreal Forest – more north • domated by needled-leave evergreens such as suruce and fir • areas that are very cold – needleaves allows a photophysis for low rates and don’t expend engery to make new leaves. • Low temputation vation is veru high (hot days) • Low annual rain fall and low total ← Artic Tundra ← domataed by cold tolerant shurubs, lichens and herbaceous plants • low temputers varaiton is high (cold in the winters • very low rain fall and low variation ← ← How can orgainiisms interact with their enviorment? ← Abiotic envoment ← deal with channglle (3) ← 1) Evoloutary adapatation – long term • eg. Evo of crypsis match its background (evoloved) ← 2) Physicological acclimatization – medium term metabolic or phy ajusmtne within the cells of tissues of an orgianism in response (eg. Fish in tanks in differnet temputure to acclimatize) toleration vs. acclimatization • eg. fish that are condition vs. thier tolerance curve 9 degress for 3 minutes 12 for 14 mins 13 d for 30 minutes • fish condition at 20 degrees they can survive for much longer 6
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