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Jurek Kolasa

Bio 2F03 – Lecture 4 – Thursday, September-12-13 Different Biomes Tropical rain forest: distribution -continuously wet, limited seasonality, equatorial -precipitation about 100 mm of rain each month or more -annual variation in temperature is slight -roots in soil anchor trees and get water into branches -very tight recycling of nutrients because there is so little of it -tropical rainforest is like one big blue box system because of constant recycling Rain forest: life on trees -life can grow on trees like shrubs, ferns, orchids, bromeliads -epiphytes – term used for on top of trees (vegetation growing on trees) Tropical dry forest: distribution -periods of seasonal rain and periods of very little precipitation -generally found between rain forest and arid (sahara) areas Which is the favoured biome used by people? -people and forests in tropics -highest density of humans is in a dry forest with second being moist Deserts: distribution -very little precipitation -not very productive -need a lot of energy to keep it in shape because it’s very hot (not all deserts are hot eg. Gobi desert in asia) -lowest mean precipitation; drought is year-round -lithosoils ( rock fragments) Mediterranean -common feature = sunny warm and dry -a period of water deficiency during the summer -limited distribution -low mean precipitation, drought during the summer; moist, cool season present -
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