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Biochem 3SS Course Outline 2012-2013

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McMaster University
Jonathan Dushoff

BIOLOGY 3SS3: Population Ecology Course Outline Winter 2013 Instructor: Jonathan Dushoff ([email protected]) Course Co-ordinator: Alison Cowie ([email protected]) Teaching assistants: Benjamin Furman; Yifei Huang; Lindsay Keegan; Carolyn Lenz; Tara Sadoway Lectures: Mon, Wed, Thu at 5:30 PM in MDCL-1102. Tutorials: Beginning the week of 14 Jan Course material  The course will cover the following topics: Population dynamics; Age structure and life history; Human population growth; Competition; Exploitation; Mutualism; Examples and applications.  The primary course material is the lectures, and associated lecture notes, available on A2L – It is recommended to print the lecture notes and bring them to class to make additional notes  You are required to have an Ecology textbook. Any recent 2F03 textbook (Molles; Molles and Cahill; Cain, Bowman and Hacker) will do  You will need an approved calculator for the tests; it is recommended that you bring this to class as well.  You should install the free computer program R from the website http: // on a computer that you will be able to work with.  Additional readings will be made available on A2L  Assignments 10% th  Two midterms, 50% (25% each) – on Thursday Feb 7 and Thursday March 14th, in class  Final exam 40% - will be scheduled by the Registrar  Midterms and Final exam will be cumulative, but will emphasize new material more than already-tested material Evaluation Missed work: Illnesses or other personal circumstances must be reported following the procedures laid out by the Associate Dean’s Office It is important that you put the contact for
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