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Myc.VasethreehandledpiriformJar Pattern Style Repeated patterns (tendrils), quickly painted Close style = compact design TreasuryofAtreus Mycenaean tholos Tomb = Family “royal” tomb with multiple depositions = opened & re-sealed Reconstructionwithornamentalhalf-columns "flanking door and "flanking relieving triangle • Half-columns decorated with multi-colored precious stones Acropolis at Athens Red line indicates Mycenaean Period fortification wall End of the Bronze Age • 1200 BC – Collapse of Mycenaean Hegemony, beginning of period known as “Dark Ages” c. 1100-900 BC – “Sea People” invaded from Anatolia (?) – “Return of the Heraclids” = Dorian Invasion (from Balkan Peninsula) – Accounts for differing dialects in Greek language = Dorian and Ionian Catastrophe • Mycenaean Kingdoms collapse c. 1200-1180 • New Population brought new technology: – Iron Tools – Practice of cremation developed (inhumation used in Greece up to this point) WhoseDarkAge? • Collapse of MYC culture; end of Linear B • Literary evid: Hollow echoes of Homer • Archaeological e
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