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Spencer Pope

Pan-Hellenic Sanctuaries • Sanctuary with festivals for the gods • Athletic competition grew up along festival = games were primarily to honour the god, but soon turned into forum for interaction among Greeks and opportunity to reinforce identity. • Aristocrats compete to gain honour/fame among peers = Bragging rights (dedications) •Games open to all who spoke Greek and no others (no Barbarians allowed!) •Built Environment: 1) Altars 2) Temples Doric Order ←Frieze (Triglyph and Metope) ← Architrave ←Column Capital: Abacus and Echinus ←Column shaft without base Doric Column Capital • Abacus (pizza box) • Echinus (sloped profile) • Slope of echinus changes over time, establishing a relative chronology used to date the temple Triglyph • Triglyph = three cut • Alternates with Metope to create Doric Frieze • Exterior & Interior Steps of the Temple: Stereobate (lower,usually 2) and Stylobate (upper, columns placed on it) Ionic Order ←Architrave w 3 steps (reveals) ← Column Capital with Volutes (spiral scrolls) ←Shaft with fluting ←Column Base (concave and convex profile) 3 Periods of Greek History: Archaic Period = 600-480 BC Classical Period = 480-323 BC (Persian Sack of Athens until the Death of Alexander the Great) Hellenistic Period = 323-27 BC (Death of Alexander the Great until the principate of Augustus in Rome Archaic Pottery • Archaic Period = Athens = Attic Style 600-480 BC • Development of “Black Figure Style” • Introduction of “Red Figure Style” • Red Figure from c. 530 BC • François Vase Kleitias = painter Scenes of mythology: Kalydonian Boar Funeral Games for Patrokles c. 570 BC Exekias • Amphora • c. 540-530 BC • Achilles and Ajax, heroes of Trojan War play a game. • Ajax “three” • Achilles “Four” • Exekias • Suicide of Ajax • C. 540 BC • Tension in composition as Ajax prepares the sw
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