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Spencer Pope

Classics 9102013 25700 PM Professor Spencer Pope Department Classics Email spopemcmasterca Twitter Archclass TSH 704 Office Hours Mon Thurs 10301130 TAs Ms Stephanie Carruth Mr Nigel Haykin Ms Fae Amiro ReferenceCustom Courseware CCWReading listed on ELM listed by Authors last nameAvenue to Learn selected imaged from class lectures reference materials maps glossaries timelinesClassical Buildings vs ModernThe Parthenon Machine for moving emotions classicVilla Savoye Machine for living modern with classic lookVienna Secessions periodical Ver Sacrum cover by G Klimt 1897 Modern architecture use classical architecture that were made by the Greeks and refined by the Romans to make modern monuments that resemble those classical ones from the past The choices of style is deliberateEg Lincoln Memorial Washington DCEg United States Supreme Court Building building indicated importanceEg St Lawrence Hall TorontoEg Liuna Station HamiltonEg Iaasic Brock Monument Lions gate looking down What is Archaeology Scientific study of material cultureMaterial culture o Objects creator andor used by a specific cultural group Eg Ceramic bowls jewelry sculpture coinsElements of material culture in context of study o Artifacts remains of the cultureExcavation most common form of discovery of artifactsArchaeological Methods 1 Discovery and retrieval of artifacts a Excavation from depositions in stratigraphic sequences allows us to discern chronological relationships between artifacts 2 Interpretation of object a Identification of the object by typefitting the object into a preestablished category based on use b Determining date and place of production andor individual maker c Determining the role of the artifact within the ancient culturemost problematic aspect of archaeology seeing the artifacts through their eyes not our ownInterpretation of ObjectsWhat is it used forHow it is usedWho used itIs it an elite goodSocial status of userHow widespreadWhat does it tell us about the culture that produced and used itDetermining role within a CultureWhom does this sculpture depictA deityA manA king hero or religious officialArchaeological Field Method Excavation by StratigraphyExcavation by removal of horizontal layers or strata of soilStratuma deposition of soil accumulated over timeNew topsoil seals earlier depositsSealed Depositarchaeological context ExcavationStratigraphySequence of deposits or strata placed one above the otherRelative Date vs Absolute DateRelative datepoint of reference is another artifact or eventAbsolute datea date on a fixed chronological scare Eg AD BC that allows identification known regardless of contextDetermining Absolute Dates
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