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The Hero

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Paul Murgatroyd

September 11 , 2012 The Hero/Heroes Current definition  main character, remarkable event/accomplishment Ancient times  aristocrats, gods/goddesses, warriors. Reward for the hero; glory, kingdom, women. Sent on a task as punishment for arrogance (often involving monsters). Supposedly almost perfect with a few flaws. Bellerophon  Friends with King Proetus, Proteus’ wife tried to seduce Bellerophon  Rejected, wife lied and accused Bellerophon of trying to seduce her  Proetus sends B to wife’s father Iobates (he didn’t want to deal with killing B), father didn’t want to either  Iobates sends him to kill Chimaera, demon god that resembles a dragon.  Goddess (?) informs him that he will need the help of Pegasus, and how to tame Pegasus  Successfully kills Chimaera, off to conquer Amazons  Returns to Iobates after successful, reads letter and explains original problem  Iobates knows his daughter is capable of this, gives B another daughter as a wife and gives him position of power  Tries to fly to heaven on Pegasus, gets bucked off and dies. Perseus  King Acrisius had daughter Danae  Consulted oracle about son, told he would be killed by his own grandson  Locked daughter in tower so she couldn’t have a son, however she was impregnated by Zeus  Danae gives birth to Perseus in secret, King eventually finds out  Locks Perseus and Danae in chest, found by fisherman  Fisherman raises P as his own son, King of island takes a liking to Danae  Pretends to court another woman, sends Perseus off to kill Gorgon known as Medusa  Asks Graeae (witch sisters) where Medusa is, holds shared eye ransom  Also tell him where winged sandals, powerful sword and “head bag” are  Can’t look at her, so he uses the shield to see her reflection and cuts her head off  Sea beast ravaging countryside when he returns  Oracle  “only way to get rid of the beast is to chain Andromeda” as a sort of sacrifice  Perseus kills beast, gets Andromeda and flies her back to the island where Danae is  Ki
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