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Lecture 7

AphroditeVenus & Eros - Lecture 7.pdf

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Graeme Ward

Aphrodite/Venus & Eros - Lecture 7 September-24-13 4:30 PM - She is depicted as both young and old Epithets - First two are of her personality & the last 2 is where she came from: ○ Ourania: heavenly, pure love ○ Pandemos:Sex, love - She is the eldest of all gods despite her appearance - Has no power over the three virgin goddess ○ Athena, Artemis and Hestia - Came from Ouranos's "member"that fell in the ocea so she is from Ourania (location)or Cythera (east of greece) Ourania vs. Pandemos - Ourania: "pure" love amongst gods - Pandemos:Daughter of Zeus and Dione and god of fertility, sex and procreation ○ Epithets: laughter-loving Character & Appearance - Eastern Greek cities had her temples as a brothel - She is irresistible she has the raw power of making everybodyfall in love - Was originally rendered fully clothes but eventually semi-nude to depict her as a "Tease" Sappho - Female poet from Lesbos - She talked about Aphrodite's love towards other woman in her poems - The word "Lesbian" comes from this island's name (Lesbos) - You pray to Aphrodite for love-seekingpurposes Flighty Aphrodite - A sculpture of Aphrodite which in the Greek original shows her as not surprised by somebody walking in on her while half naked but seem to be naughtily smiling at them Aphrodite & Ares - Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus and had many affairs - She has an affair with ares and Hephaestus catches them and shows to the other gods but other gods just laugh at him ○ Shows her as physical attraction and not "pure" love. Charites/Gratiae - Has three personifications: ○ Splendour ○ Mirth ○ Good Ch
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