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Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 2MT3: THE ANCIENT ROOTS OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY WEEK 3 #14 through #50 are diagnostic suffixes (problems) #51 through #78 are therapeutic suffixes (fixing the problems) shoulder pain  Noun = pain  Adj. = shoulder Hence; pain pertaining to a/the shoulder 57. x-o/tom/y the cutting of ____________ 58. x-ec/tom/y the cutting out of __________ 59. x-o/stom/y the making of an opening in __________ tonsil/ec/tom/y: the cutting out of a/the tonsil(s) crani/o/stom/ize: to make an opening in the skull crani/o/stom/o/mist: someone who specializes in the making an opening in the skull crani/ist: someone who specializes in the skull 60. x-ic/s the science of __________ 61. x-o/log/y the study of __________ phys/ics: the science of nature/growth crani/o/megal/ics: the science of the enlargement of the skull crani/o/mega/logy: the study of the enlargement of the skull bio/log/y: the study of life bio/log/ist: one who studies life bio/log/ize: to study life bio/log/ics: the science of the study of life bio/log/ic: pertaining to the study of life bio/log/ic/al: pertaining to something pertaining to the study of life electric: pertaining to electrons electrical: pertaining to something pertaining to electrons 62. x-o-scop/y the examination of __________ tele/scop/y: the examination of something far away crani/a/troph/ic/o/scop/y: the examination of something pertaining to the lack of growth of the skull 63. x-o-metr/y the measurement of __________ speed/o/metry: the measurement of speed 64. x-o-graph/y the recording of __________ 64. x-o-graph an instrument for recording __________ crani/a/trophic/o/graph: an instrument for recording the lack of growth of the skull 65. x-o-pex/y the adhesion of OR the fixation of __________ 66. x-o-lys/is the disintegration of __________ 79. x-o-gen/ic producing __________ 70. x-o-gen/ous produced by __________ carcin/o/gen/ic: producing cancer carcin/o/gen/ous: produced by cancer 81. x-o-trop/ic preferentially affecting __________ tonsil/o/trop/ic: preferentially affecting a/the tonsil(s) tonsil/a/troph/ine: pertaining to the lack of growth of a/the tonsil(s) tonsill/o/troph/in: a substance pertaining to the preferentially affecting a/the tonsil(s) tonsil/o/troph/ics: the science of the growth of a/the tonsil(s) tonsil/dys/troph/ic: pertaining to the defective growth of a/the tonsil(s) tonsil/o/troph/ic: pertaining to the growth of a/the tonsil(s) tonsil/o/troph/in: a substance that causes the growth of a/the tonsil(s) laryng/o/stom/ize: to make an opening in the larynx laryng/o/stom/ist: one who specializes in making an/the opening in the larynx laryng/o/stom/in: a substance that makes an opening in the larynx x-icist one who specializes in x-ics crani/o/genet/ic/ist: one who specializes in the science of the production of the skull crani/o/gen/ous: produced by the skull crani/o/gen/ic: producing a/the skull crani/o/gen/ous: produced by a/the skull LATIN FORMS: 82. x-us masculine 83. x-a feminine 84. x-um neuter 85. x-on neuter muc/us vertebr/a crani/um gangli/on muscosa vs. mucous  Both adjectives, mucosa is the Latin form of mucous mucics: the science of mucous vertebr/al/e: pertaining to a/the vertebra (Latin adj) vertebt/in: a substance of vertebra (English noun) vertebr/a: vertebra (noun) crani/oid/e/a: pertaining to someth
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