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CMST 1A03 Lecture Notes - Paralanguage, Kinesics, Physical Attractiveness

Communication Studies
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Alexandre Sevigny

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Lecture 13
CMST 1a03: Introduction to Communication
Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR, MCIPR (Winter Term, 2013)
UHC Chapter 5: “Nonverbal Communication
What is nonverbal communication?
- Everything outside of language
- Don’t necessarily control or plan your non-verbal
- Involuntary fall into a comfortable seating position
Characteristics of nonverbal communication.
Nonverbal communication exists
Nonverbal behavior has communicative value.
Nonverbal communication is primarily relational
o Converge on other people’s behaviour and attitudes
o Sympathetic conversions
Nonverbal communication is ambiguous
o Have to calculate how people are responding to you
Much nonverbal communication is culture-bound
Differences between verbal and nonverbal communication
Verbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
One dimension (words only)
Multiple dimensions (voice,
posture, gestures, distance, etc.)
Intermittent (speaking and
silence alternate)
Continuous (impossible to avoid
communicating nonverbally)
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