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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Lecture 14 CMST 1a03: Introduction to Communication Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR, MCIPR (Winter Term, 2013) UHC – Valerie Alia “Technology and the Circumpolar Village” UHC – Marie Gillespie: “Cool Bodies: TV Ad Talk” Valerie Alia “Technology and the Circumpolar Village” Northern communities are using new telecommunications technologies without hesitation.  Aboriginals use the tech to transmit messages from community to community and to the Outside. “The road to Nunavut was along the information highway.”  In Nunavut, modern communications systems help maintain the Inuit way of governing with power broadly distributed and structures decentralized.  The people of the North have always been up to date with technology. The CBC has made considerable investments in Northern broadcasting.  Project Inukshuk The story of TVNC (Television Northern Canada)  The primary First Nations broadcasting distribution system of the North. TVNC delivers programming in indigenous languages and English. It is sponsored by the governments of the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.  Press reaction to the beginning of TVNC.  TVNC's particular problems: scarcity of aboriginal programming and journalists  1999: TVNC gets permission from the CRTC to become APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network). Is there a pan-Arctic vision?  The goal of TVNC was to counter the cultural genocide/cultural suicide vision formulated in the 1980's  The prominence of Aboriginal-language programming will counter these effects.  The Alaskan counter-example Success, failure ... recovery?  Budget Cuts and their effects o The privatization of news media o Forced into volunteerism o Underfunding of radio o Advertising: pros and cons The Circumpolar Village: Strengths and Weaknesses  Internet and Satellite have taken over where the town hall meeting left off.  Often there is romance with the possibilities and we forget that the machinery is actually there to serve human beings.  The example of the National Film Board's and CBC's miss- promoting of the content that they produce. The North on the Net.  The Internet is an excellent means for North-North communication and North-South communication.  A variety of opinions from Aboriginal Elders of the benefits and perils of the Internet: o Is the Internet an assimilationist medium like TV was? o The lure of the Outside: CAP (Community Access Programme) Aboriginal Internet Resources:  The First Perspective On-Line  Aboriginal Voices  Spirit of Aboriginal Enterprise  Apple and Microsoft now offer Aboriginal fonts. There is a gap between potential and actual use of new techs. “Canada's thinly populated North is turning into a telecommunications slum... [with] a few centres of relative privilege: Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Whitehorse.” Marie Gillespie, “Cool Bodies: TV Ad Talk” Cultural theorists and anthropologists say:  Social identities, differences and inequality are legitimated through our cultural consumption.  Bourdieu says that distinctions in social class are a function of taste. This article investigates how
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