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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Lecture 15 CMST 1a03: Introduction to Communication Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR, MCIPR (Winter Term, 2013) UHC – Chapter 6: “Understanding Interpersonal Relationships” What makes communication interpersonal? Interpersonal communication and the internet  Rely less on face-to-face networks  Loneliness and depression increase with online communication  Closeness can be developed online  Spending time with family and friends is still a #1 priority Content and relational messages  Content messages  Relational messages o Affinity o Respect o Immediacy o Control o Metacommunication Dimensions of intimacy in interpersonal relationships  Physical  Intellectual  Emotional Male and female intimacy styles Cultural influences on intimacy Relational development and maintenance  Developmental model o Initiating o Experimenting  Start to push the limit/ there tastes o Intensifying  You trust a person and start to disclose the relationship o Integrating  Find the same things funny, offensive o Bonding  Formalize relationship and announce it o Differentiating  Constantly cycle between differentiate and bonding o Circumscribing  Make boxes in your life, death of relationship o Stagnating  Start to live in 2 separate worlds o Avoiding o Terminating A dialectical perspective  Dialectical model o Connection vs autonomy o Predictability vs novelty  When predictability goes down, so does trust  Have to plan novelty in a relationship o Openness vs privacy  Dialectical tensions exist when two opposing or incompatible forces exist simultaneously  Strategies for managing dialectical tensions o Denial o Disorientation o Selection o Alternation o Segmentation o Moderation o Reaffirmation Characteristics of relational development and maintenance  Relationships are constantly changing o Every time you have a new experience with someone the relationship changes  Movement is always to a new place Self-disclosure in interpersonal relationships must be deliberate, significant and the others wouldn
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