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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Lecture 8 CMST 1a03: Introduction to Communication Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR, MCIPR (Winter Term, 2013) ITC – Alan Turing “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” The Imitation Game  Different ways of asking the question: o A Gallup poll The game is played with three people:  A woman, a man and an interrogator.  The woman, the man and the interrogator are in different rooms. The interrogator asks questions. Then the man is replaced with a computer. If the interrogator can’t distinguish who is the computer and the man, then you have a thinking machine.  If you need someone to repair something in your house, the only way to know if it’s them is a voice of recognition – know what they’re talking about Critique of the New Problem  This seems to draw a solid line between human beings’ physical and mental capabilities. The object isn’t a humanoid robot, but a “thinking machine”  The question/answer paradigm is insufficient but we can talk about pretty much anything in a question and answer format, that is that we can use language to talk about most human experience.  It might be hard for the machine to do particularly human things (e.g. win a beauty contest, run a race), but it is also hard for the human to do things that machines do well... is this a critique of the game? The Machines Concerned in the Game  What sort of machine are we talking about?  Engineers can use all of their imagination and technique to build it but genetically engineering a human does not qualify.  Only digital computers can participate in the game because they can mimic any other machine. Thus we can say that computers are universal or virtual machines. Contrary Views on the Main Question  The Theological Objection o Only people have souls  But doesn’t this limit God? o The “Heads in the Sand” Objection  The
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