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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Lecture 19 CMST 1a03: Introduction to Communication Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR, MCIPR (Autumn Term, 2011) UHC – Chapter 8: “Social Media & Communication Theory” Social media: It is the world you already know… • Made conversational • Amplified by digital media • And moving at lightspeed Years to reach 50M users:  Radio – 38 years  TV – 13 years  Internet: 4 years  iPod : 3 years Facebook: 200M users in 1 year and passed 800M users in 2011. - Lives on the internet - Internet has become very natural What is social media? Communication tech that permits you to:  Develop and categorize networks of friends and acquaintances by various dimensions of affinity  Classify people by their likes and dislikes, profession, taste, ethnic or religious group, etc.  Easily keep track of all this information What makes a medium social? • Facilitates human interaction • Facilitates the flow of user-generated content • One-to-many communication • Can be used at little or no cost Comparing social and traditional media: • What they have in common: – Both contain messages – Both use a channel (electronic or physical) • Unique properties of social media: – Permanent social interface – Permanent history of interactions – Accessible, immediate, changeable. • Café or sushi restaurant owner • Change scenery, food, etc • Same goes with social media - see history, bring in new features Are social media completely new?  Zines – homemade magazines : Counter-cultural, print-based social media  GeoCities – tried to replicate new cities – no permanent history interactions, not accessible, no interaction amongst users  Web 2.0 – interactive web Types of Social Media  Blogs: Personal blogs, professional blogs, corporate and organizational blogs, Vlogs, blogosp
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