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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

CMST 1A03 Sevigny January 9, 2014 What is communication? • "the process of human beings responding to the symbolic behaviour of others " • A relational and symbolic act o Involves relationship o Symbolic as we cant use telepathy • Use language -- house, cat represent things/idea; no reality tied to the sound • Symbols -- items symbolize things (values, image, persona) • Names, words, brands -- no particular reality • Constant effort to persuade, seek consent • What is a sign? • Brand is a sign because it tells us something • Sign has 2 sides o Thing being signified -- object or idea • GM -- company of the cars o Signifier -- name/logo/word/sound • What are some of the many meanings of communications? • Differs based on outlook • How much can be communicated/expressed from one thing to another • • What are some of the types? • Interpersonal o Subconscious voice -- communication with self • Dyadic- in pairs o 2 people communicate o Type people self-disclose the most • Most likely to persuade and aspire consent o No longer present when a third is joined • Small groups o Everyone has a chance to communicate equal o 3-12 people • Public speaking o One - many o Little to no interaction • Mass communication o Organization uses an establish channel to communicate to mill, that are geographically dispersed
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