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Communication Studies
Dave Gerry

CMST 2Q03 Lecture 5 Music from the Middle East - differing concepts of music - ways musicians learn to improvise - common but diverse musical systems - professionals vs. amateurs Lots of Different Musical Systems - Iran - Arab Diaspora - Turkey - each has a classical tradition - many similarities to Western classical music - theory (the construction of music) - concerts (formal and informal) - teacher-pupil lineage valued - composers are venerated - famous performers highly regarded Islamic Cultural and Musical Values - affect the understanding of what is and isn't considered music (can say that about any country with strong religious beliefs) Concerts in Tehran - read the description of the concert c.1970 - Persian classical music - some terms to know: dastgah (scale) in Persian music, santour (hammered dulcimer), ney (end blown flute), dombak (drum) - santour: a trapezoid-shaped hammered dulcimer used throughout the Middle East but most notably in Iran and Turkey - ney: an end-blown flute used throughout the ME and is most commonly made from hollowed cane or reed Common Features and Diversity - many Arabic nations - Iran and Turkey are considered the non-Arabic nations - Israel: markedly uniquely culture, surrounded by Arab nations - North Africa - Islam: est. around 622 AD - Numerous ethnic minorities Islam - monotheistic - egalitarian - all people equal before God - many different cultural roles for men and women - the importance of the extended family - emphasis on quality of speech and elegance in writing - direct verbal exchange - art, architecture, poetry - all play a role when we consider music - c
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